My Weeks 2014 – Week 2

I have been so busy that none of my craft projects are up to date.  I’ve been too creating memories to record them, but I’ll get there.

One thing that is up-to-date and HAS to be, especially at the moment, is my Filofax.  So without further ado, here is Week 2.



This week was a lesson in pre-decorating pages. I hated looking at this week, because I had decorated it along with last week’s layout.  This meant I had been flipping to it for two weeks and was already sick of seeing it.  So I made sure not to decorate the following week until I was ready for that week!

The side to-do list is still working absolutely perfectly.  No wasted space on the page, and also it is easier to sort between the time-sensitive tasks as well as the others.  Love, love, love this layout!  There is only one thing I am going to tweak next time I need to print, and that is to remove the “week of” font at the very top of the page.  Because I have been covering it up with washi tape every single week anyway.

So, like I said I am behind in my craft projects.  I haven’t done my 365 Journal since Friday, and although I am up to date on my Project Life, I need to print last week’s photos and put them in before I post it up for you all to see.  

Hopefully by the next time you hear from me, I am all caught up with lots to share!


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My Weeks 2014 – Week 1

Well I got a bit slack at posting my weeks last year, but I’m back on track now so lets have a look at my first week of 2014 in my brand new Filofax!


This was my last week on holiday, so the checklists weren’t that full.  I decorated this week with some pink patterned Rosie’s Studio washi tape, and coloured the day names in pink to match.  Then I accented with some La-De-Dah washi tape, a K&Company tag, 2 pretty sticky tags and one of the stickers out of my Studiogirl Love & Friendship Sticker Flip Book.  All of those items I got from Warehouse Stationary (apart from the K&Company tag, I’ve had those tags for years).

Really really loving my new layouts, they are working perfectly!!!


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My Weeks 7 & 8

Gee got a bit behind on blogging didn’t I?

Let’s get right in there and look at Week 7



Week 7 was a pretty full-on week as I prepared for the one day of the year I go all out – Christmas at The Races.
We’re talking heels, dresses, full makeup and fake lashes, curled hair and red lipstick.  I spent the majority of the week getting things planned and preparing for the big day!

I made myself an extra list this week to note down the things to do with Race Day that I wanted to get done so that it was always glanced at when I opened my week’s pages.

This was also the first week I used my new layout that I designed myself.  I decorated it with La De Dah Washi Tape and some K&Company rub-on transfers.

I also doodled a lot this week while watching Big Brother Australia (my latest obsession).

Now lets talk about Week 8.  I’m just gonna warn you now, it was a bit of a let-down.



Hahaha it makes me laugh just looking at it.

So let’s just say I wasn’t very organised last week.  And I am now way behind on EVERYTHING.  I have spent most of tonight catching up actually!  This just goes to show what happens when you put off planning.  It doesn’t go away.  It just waits patiently for you to return and all those things you were supposed to do, are still there waiting for you to plan them.

But nonetheless, I’m focusing on getting back on track, as it really is the wrong time of year to be disorganized!


My Week #6

Even though my days don’t seem quite as full this week, I actually had a very organised and busy week!



This week I found using my new system of planning out my afternoons an absolute lifesaver and I was so organised all week because of it!

I didn’t meet my goals for the week, but I didn’t actually mind because of all the other things I managed to get done.  My house has been kept tidy all week thanks to both my daily planning of household chores, and the kid’s reward chart meaning they were helping get things done every day.

I also saw The Hunger Games:Catching Fire this week which was super exciting and an amazing movie, as well as managing to make it to Mr.Wright’s soccer game for a change!  (That night ended with a power-cut and a rush to McDonalds to get dinner for the kids so they didn’t get to bed too late, but that’s a different story.)

Let’s talk about Friday.  Now, I know that I did not tick a single thing off my list that day but let me explain please!  I have a list of chores I do daily, and then the other chore for the day that’s listed in my Filo.  I got all my daily chores done (i.e.: dishes, wipe down benches, straighten up lounge etc etc etc), and then popped into town to do my dress shopping.  Mr Wright then called me to come to his work for a Friday beer, which I obliged, and during that time my friend Amy called to see if we wanted to go out for dinner.  It is a very rare occasion where we both don’t have our kids so we were definitely keen.  While out at dinner we ran into another one of my friends and we all ended up coming back to my place for some drinks and music.  It was a very random and fun night and I didn’t care that I had like 10 things in my filofax that I hadn’t done.

And in my defence, I spent the whole afternoon on Saturday catching up on Friday’s tasks!

I really did want to do a Friday “Instagrammed” post, I think I might just do one after I post this anyway.

This week is the last week using these inserts.  Next week I get to use the new inserts I created and I am so excited!!! 

It’s been a great week.  And thanks to my Filofax, my life is finally organised!



My Week #5

I had a very successful and organised week this past week!  Decoration-wise, I had some adorable pink glittered scrapbook paper that I cut to size.  I then used a tag to put the contact details for my son’s camp on (covered it with a post-it for photo purposes).  I also used a K&Company rub-on transfer that says “Enjoy the Moment” since it went with the colour scheme of this week.  I lastly added some puffy star stickers to finish it off.



My goals for the week were to get back in my routines since I was finding it hard to get out of holiday-mode.  I am happy to say this was a complete success, and I am feeling great for it!

I scheduled in my workouts so that I was focusing on them instead of hoping to get a workout in each day.

Next week will be my last week using these inserts (I know, I’ve only used them for two and a half weeks) and then I will be using the new inserts I designed which I am very excited about!!


My Week #4


Busy week back into the swing of things after my holiday!

Half way through the week I switched to the vertical week-on-two-pages layout that I designed myself, and I love this so much better than the horizontal view I was using previously.  I find when I plan out my days I like to list from top to bottom, and when I’m doing this on my horizontal view, I end up with a big gap to the right of the box.

This week I also designed my own tags.  I got the idea from Organized Operagirl who makes custom tags for her repeating events.  I made some for my favourite shows using their logos, some blank labels for my children’s events, some birthday ones, some for Twilight Soccer (which my partner plays) and some for coffee dates.  I’ve just cut them out and blu-tacked them to their corresponding days (I will glue them in at the end of the week, just incase I need to move them at all).

I decided to draw black lines through my cancelled events instead of writing CANCELLED or RESCHEDULED over top of them like I was doing earlier in the week.  I also wrote myself a note to “find a better way to cancel appointments” on Tuesday, but I’ll be honest, that was to cover up a mistake I made…hehe.

There were a lot of incomplete tasks during the first half of the week, but by the end of the week I was ticking almost everything off of my days!

All in all, it was a pretty successful week.  I’ve just been around to my mums and my whole family were there.  I was impressed to find out that they have all jumped on the Filofax bandwagon and we had a fun afternoon swapping supplies.  I got some star shaped Post-Its to use in my capture area, so was pretty excited about that.  We even found an old planner for my daughter to use – she’s rapt!


And after I took that photo, they went out and bought one more Filofax for my sister-in-law too, so now we have 5 in our family!  It was pretty funny how quickly we have all become Filofax-obsessed!


My Weeks 1-3

For my first proper blog post, I’d like to do a roundup of my first few weeks using my Filofax!

So without further ado, here’s Week #1



I actually bought my Filofax on a Thursday and immediately printed out some pages for the rest of the year as it only came with 2014 pages.  I got the layout from Philofaxy.  I immediately went in and backfilled my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to really get into the hang of organising my days this way (my previous setup will be covered in a future post.)

It was a pretty jam packed week as I was preparing for my 10 day holiday in Australia!

I used the same colour-code I have always used in my planning, the system I use is both digital and paper-based so the colours help me keep everything neat and together.

You can see I’m counting down the days until my holiday, it was my first time leaving the country so I was pretty excited as you can well imagine!

Week #2


I went with a hearts theme for this week since it was my birthday week. 

The first half of the week was filled with todos for my big trip and I used the second half of the week to fill out what I did on each day while I was away.

Early in the week I bought some cute scrapbook supplies that my friend was selling, so I had a bit of fun adding stickers and that love stamp!

While I was away I bought an some cute sticky notes adorable sticker book from Kikki K, so I had to include some of those in there too!

Week #3


I did the same thing during this week with filling out the activities I did each day while I was away. The only actual scheduling I did was the travel-back-to-New-Zealand-day where I did fill in the times I needed to be at the airport etc.

I went with a sunshine kind of theme since I was in Sunny Australia for most of the week!

I came home to an amazing announcement, my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby!  I am finally going to be an Aunty, and my two darlings are FINALLY going to have a real life cousin!


So those are my first 3 weeks! I’ve made some changes this week since I am using my Filo a lot more being back at work and back in the general routine of life!