New Year, New Filofax

So, as I said yesterday, I bought a new Filofax!  It was totally a spur of the moment thing, I hadn’t planned to do it at all.  I loved my hot pink Apex don’t get me wrong!  What happened was, I popped into Warehouse Stationary because I was parked right in front of it and that’s just what I do when I subconsciously choose to park right in front of Warehouse Stationary.  I picked up a few supplies for my new Project Life album, and thought I’d take a quick scoot through the Filofax section.  Everytime I have been there they all they have had was the Apex in all sizes and colours and the Metropol personal in all colours – that’s it.  But on this particular day they had sitting on the shelf at eye level, one purple Saffiano.  ONE.  Of course I had to own it!



I love her so much (yes I just gave my planner a gender.) She is the most perfect shade of purple.

I had also yesterday, printed out some new inserts for 2014 that I had designed.  It was a total fluke that I also bought a new Filofax to put them in.  I do not lie.

So here are a few pics of how I have my Filofax setup.  Anytime you see any random sticky notes, this is just covering my sensitive info.  This is the first time I have showed my Filofax setup in so much depth, so I hope this gives you ideas of how you can setup your own planner.



The very first thing you see when you open my planner is my “Capture All” notepad.  I used to use a pad of sticky notes stuck to the inside cover for this, but since my Saffiano came with a Filofax notepad, I decided to use this instead.  I decorated the top of the page with a pretty sticker to brighten up my day and once I have filled this page, I am going to cut the sticker and keep it to use in my Project Life because I am a recycler and every embellishment counts.

Next to that is where I keep my pens.  I have been using the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners since I moved onto the Filofax system.  And I colour-code, so I need to have all my pens with me all the time.  These specific pens are skinny enough to not be too bulky in my planner, but I can only have them at the front, and they are in the clear pocket that came with my Filofax Apex.  I added an inspirational sticker to the front which has been there for a while now.  It says 

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.


Next I have a card holder that came out of an old planner of my Mum’s.  I have put three of my favourite Instax photos in there and I glance at these all the time.  It’s nice to keep my family in my handbag!  I’d like to put another 3 photos on the back side of this page, but it was quite a squeeze to get the photos in as it was, Instax photos are quite thick.



Now we have come to the first tabbed section and this is the info section.  I don’t really have all that much here apart from some pages with numerous sticky notes on them, and a bit of info about me (that I haven’t finished filling out yet). I also have Filofax registration page in this section.



The next section is my agenda section.  I no longer use the digital/paper system that I last blogged about.  Now I am paper-only so I am using both the month on two pages, and the week on two pages.  I have both of these in my agenda section and the current month and current week are marked with the Today rulers that came with each of my Filofaxes.  (I used to use a Post-it tab to mark the month before I got my second Filofax.)

Here you can see my new layouts that I made and printed.  I have a full 12 month dated calendar, and undated weekly pages. I decided it was easier not to date my pages.  I have made thousands of dated pages twice before and then after a few weeks of using them I made another new layout.

The best part of my new layout is having separate sections for appointments and tasks.  I got this idea from another Filofaxer who uses a stamp on each day for her task list.  The whole reason I changed to a vertical layout last year was because I found I had too much empty space to the right of each day.  Now I am using the right side as a separate list, it not only looks visually neater, but also keeps my tasks separate from my appointments.  I love it.


The next section is my Lists section and this section tends to change depending on what I have upcoming in my life.

First of all there are six cardboard pages with post-its stuck to each one.  The pages are all colour-coded to each aspect of my life the same colours that are in my calendar pages. 

After those pages, I just have normal lined paper.  Then I have Post-It tabs marking each list I have at the moment:

“Books” I have a 3×4 Book cover cutouts of the books I am wanting to read stuck in with bluetak.  They are 3×4 so that when I have finished the book I can pop the cutout into my Project Life folder.  

“House” is a list of things I want to buy for my home. 

“Tessie Wedding” is pages full of post-it notes with different things to do with my best friend’s upcoming wedding.   I am doing hair, makeup and a whole lot of other things, so I made this area to jot down notes and reminders as I need to.  When the wedding is over, I’m just going to bin all the Post-Its and use those pages for something else.

I like that I am reusing the pages in this section so I don’t have to constantly print new pages for one-time lists.



The next section is my “Office” section and this holds daily pages for me to use at my office job.  This is system I have been using almost as long as I have worked at my job (over 6 years) and I have incorporated it into my Filofax so that everything is in one place.  Basically I just use a task section and a memo section.  I list all the things I need to do as they crop up throughout the day.  If I am working on something, and have another task given to me, I take a quick second to add it to the list, and then carry on what I am doing. When people call in, I note things down in the memo section and turn them into tasks or jobs for someone else after I have hung up the phone.  This way I always know what day someone rang, or what the persons name was or whatever.  When I have finished a task or processed a memo, I highlight it in bright yellow.  This way I can still see the note underneath, but I know it’s taken care of.  If I leave any tasks for the next day, I draw a red arrow next to them and move the task onto the next day’s list. 

The only thing that’s changed, is I made up some new pages for this section to match the other new pages.

After this section is my Journal section, but I haven’t taken any photos since you can see them all in my 365 Journal posts


The last section is my “Fitness” section.  This is an area to track different aspects of my health and fitness plan.  I am currently using Fitbit to keep fit and walk a certain amount of steps per day.  I’ll possibly do another post on this system in the future.  These pages are also made to match the rest of my new pages and like all other sections in my Filofax, I have pulled out all the ones from last year so that I can start afresh.



At the very back of my Filofax, I have three plain, white envelopes that I have hole-punched and added a sticky note to the front.  I have labelled them Receipts, Bills, and Other.  When I put something in there (such as cash for the Kid’s school uniforms) I write it on the front so I can see what’s inside without opening them.  I only keep the receipts of big-ticket items and as most of my bills are paid by Automatic Payment, I only have my car Registration reminder and a bit of cash in the Bills envelope.

Wow this post has taken a long time to write, but it feels good revealing my Filofax setup for the very first time.  Congratulations to those of you that made it to the end.  If you did, write “I read your novel!” in the comments section.  Haha.

Again, Happy New Year to you all!  Thanks for reading my blog and being interested in my rambling.  

Much love



My Weeks 7 & 8

Gee got a bit behind on blogging didn’t I?

Let’s get right in there and look at Week 7



Week 7 was a pretty full-on week as I prepared for the one day of the year I go all out – Christmas at The Races.
We’re talking heels, dresses, full makeup and fake lashes, curled hair and red lipstick.  I spent the majority of the week getting things planned and preparing for the big day!

I made myself an extra list this week to note down the things to do with Race Day that I wanted to get done so that it was always glanced at when I opened my week’s pages.

This was also the first week I used my new layout that I designed myself.  I decorated it with La De Dah Washi Tape and some K&Company rub-on transfers.

I also doodled a lot this week while watching Big Brother Australia (my latest obsession).

Now lets talk about Week 8.  I’m just gonna warn you now, it was a bit of a let-down.



Hahaha it makes me laugh just looking at it.

So let’s just say I wasn’t very organised last week.  And I am now way behind on EVERYTHING.  I have spent most of tonight catching up actually!  This just goes to show what happens when you put off planning.  It doesn’t go away.  It just waits patiently for you to return and all those things you were supposed to do, are still there waiting for you to plan them.

But nonetheless, I’m focusing on getting back on track, as it really is the wrong time of year to be disorganized!


My Week #6

Even though my days don’t seem quite as full this week, I actually had a very organised and busy week!



This week I found using my new system of planning out my afternoons an absolute lifesaver and I was so organised all week because of it!

I didn’t meet my goals for the week, but I didn’t actually mind because of all the other things I managed to get done.  My house has been kept tidy all week thanks to both my daily planning of household chores, and the kid’s reward chart meaning they were helping get things done every day.

I also saw The Hunger Games:Catching Fire this week which was super exciting and an amazing movie, as well as managing to make it to Mr.Wright’s soccer game for a change!  (That night ended with a power-cut and a rush to McDonalds to get dinner for the kids so they didn’t get to bed too late, but that’s a different story.)

Let’s talk about Friday.  Now, I know that I did not tick a single thing off my list that day but let me explain please!  I have a list of chores I do daily, and then the other chore for the day that’s listed in my Filo.  I got all my daily chores done (i.e.: dishes, wipe down benches, straighten up lounge etc etc etc), and then popped into town to do my dress shopping.  Mr Wright then called me to come to his work for a Friday beer, which I obliged, and during that time my friend Amy called to see if we wanted to go out for dinner.  It is a very rare occasion where we both don’t have our kids so we were definitely keen.  While out at dinner we ran into another one of my friends and we all ended up coming back to my place for some drinks and music.  It was a very random and fun night and I didn’t care that I had like 10 things in my filofax that I hadn’t done.

And in my defence, I spent the whole afternoon on Saturday catching up on Friday’s tasks!

I really did want to do a Friday “Instagrammed” post, I think I might just do one after I post this anyway.

This week is the last week using these inserts.  Next week I get to use the new inserts I created and I am so excited!!! 

It’s been a great week.  And thanks to my Filofax, my life is finally organised!



My Week #5

I had a very successful and organised week this past week!  Decoration-wise, I had some adorable pink glittered scrapbook paper that I cut to size.  I then used a tag to put the contact details for my son’s camp on (covered it with a post-it for photo purposes).  I also used a K&Company rub-on transfer that says “Enjoy the Moment” since it went with the colour scheme of this week.  I lastly added some puffy star stickers to finish it off.



My goals for the week were to get back in my routines since I was finding it hard to get out of holiday-mode.  I am happy to say this was a complete success, and I am feeling great for it!

I scheduled in my workouts so that I was focusing on them instead of hoping to get a workout in each day.

Next week will be my last week using these inserts (I know, I’ve only used them for two and a half weeks) and then I will be using the new inserts I designed which I am very excited about!!


Getting Things Done

It’s all very well writing myself a list at the start of my day of the tasks I want to achieve that day, but I have been finding that there are a lot of things I am not getting done in the afternoons.  This is mainly because I am trying to juggle normal household routine (kids homework, housework etc) with the random one off tasks I want to do during the afternoon.

So this week I have devised a new plan.

I’ve taken my one and only clear flyleaf, and blu-tacked the photo I normally have clipped to the side of my week to it.  Then under that, I am making use of my awesome star-shaped Post-It’s and putting a blank one there at the beginning of the day.  Then when I get home from work, I can sit down with a coffee and plan my afternoon properly.  This means listing what I want to do in the order of when I want to do it.


So today, I planned the following order of tasks:
2.Homework/Put Away Groceries
3.Tidy Kitchen
4.Tidy Lounge
5.Clean Bathroom and Toilet
6.Workout/Kids Swim

I have been writing a list for the afternoon, and a list for the evening, even though the list doesn’t change much once dinner time is done.

Not only have I been finding this additional planning is helpful to me, but it has actually been amazingly helpful for the kids!  Especially my little-miss-six who tends to respond well to structure.

At the end of the day, the list goes in the rubbish leaving me a nice clear space for the next day’s Post-It.


My Week #4


Busy week back into the swing of things after my holiday!

Half way through the week I switched to the vertical week-on-two-pages layout that I designed myself, and I love this so much better than the horizontal view I was using previously.  I find when I plan out my days I like to list from top to bottom, and when I’m doing this on my horizontal view, I end up with a big gap to the right of the box.

This week I also designed my own tags.  I got the idea from Organized Operagirl who makes custom tags for her repeating events.  I made some for my favourite shows using their logos, some blank labels for my children’s events, some birthday ones, some for Twilight Soccer (which my partner plays) and some for coffee dates.  I’ve just cut them out and blu-tacked them to their corresponding days (I will glue them in at the end of the week, just incase I need to move them at all).

I decided to draw black lines through my cancelled events instead of writing CANCELLED or RESCHEDULED over top of them like I was doing earlier in the week.  I also wrote myself a note to “find a better way to cancel appointments” on Tuesday, but I’ll be honest, that was to cover up a mistake I made…hehe.

There were a lot of incomplete tasks during the first half of the week, but by the end of the week I was ticking almost everything off of my days!

All in all, it was a pretty successful week.  I’ve just been around to my mums and my whole family were there.  I was impressed to find out that they have all jumped on the Filofax bandwagon and we had a fun afternoon swapping supplies.  I got some star shaped Post-Its to use in my capture area, so was pretty excited about that.  We even found an old planner for my daughter to use – she’s rapt!


And after I took that photo, they went out and bought one more Filofax for my sister-in-law too, so now we have 5 in our family!  It was pretty funny how quickly we have all become Filofax-obsessed!


The Best of Both Worlds: My Digital/Paper-based System

I think with any Filofax blog, it’s important to understand how each person’s own system works so that you can do as I did, and take the relevant tips from different places and put them all together for yourself.

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that the system I use is both digital, and paper-based.  This is just how my organisational habits have developed over the last few years into something that works well for me in (let’s face it) the digital age.

For appointments, or tasks I need to complete on a specific day, I use iCal, either on my iPhone or MacBook (whatever’s handy).  Appointments get made in their appropriate time slots, and day-specific tasks get added as an all day appointment on their appropriate day:


At the top you can see they are all mainly tasks I want to complete on that day.  Some of them are repeating too, like the “daily chore” ones, and some are just notes of things I need to do that day, like the first one in dark blue is a task I added at the beginning of October to remind me I needed to speak to my colleague about something in a month’s time.

I use different colours for different aspects of my life.  They are all separate calendars setup within iCal that I have set to specific colours.  Work is dark blue, nail clients are light blue, home/life things are pink, anything to do with my kids and pets are yellow, and so on, and so forth.

Apple Reminders
For my basic to do list, I use Apple’s Reminders app.  This holds everything I need to get done and is all categorised in 5 different lists using the same colour coding as I use in iCal.


I like using both Apple Reminders, and iCal because they synch seamlessly between my iPhone, MacBook and I can even log into the iCloud website to access my info if I get desperate.

This is what I carry around my most relevant day-by-day information in.  I use my Filo to capture during the day, stay on track and help me work.


I don’t carry all my information in here, just things that are relevant TODAY.  Let me explain…

I have two ways of capturing the information I need to schedule or implement into my life.  For fixed on-the-spot appointments, such as booking clients or organising a coffee date when I see a friend in town, I use my iPhone.  The appointments then go directly into my iCal, so that I don’t over-book or double-book myself.  All my appointments stay in my iCal always.

The second, is my Filofax “capture list”.


I know it says To Do List, but I am ignoring that for now until I buy some plain post-its.  This simply consists of a sticky notepad stuck to the front cover of my Filofax which I open all throughout the day to “brain dump” any thoughts or tasks I need to plan as they pop into my head.  It’s much easier to jot a quick note down than to stop what I am doing and plan for the task then and there.  I process this list every night…

Pretty much every thing in my capture list is something I need to action in the future.  It might be a friend I want to catch up with, so I need to remind myself to organise it (these thoughts normally come to me when I am at work, so they go straight to capture so I don’t get distracted from my job).  Or it might be something I want to investigate,  or a new idea I want to try out.  These kinds of things normally pop into my head when I am already doing something else, so it’s good to still get the thoughts down without losing focus on the task at hand.

At the end of the day, I sit down with my Filofax and my MacBook or iPhone, and I move these notes into their appropriate places.

If it’s an appointment I need to set, or a day-specific task, I put that straight into my iCal in it’s appropriate day or time slot.  If it’s a task I need to do at some point, it goes into my Reminders app, directly into it’s relevant list.

After I have processed my capture list, I flip to the current day in my agenda section.  All the tasks I have checked off during the day in my Filofax, I check off in my Reminders app too.  I also remove any appointments in my iCal that were cancelled during the day so I have an up-to-date history of my life.

This takes around about 5 minutes, that’s all!

4.Getting things Done
Every morning, I wake up and my lovely partner brings me a coffee in bed.  After reading the morning news and blogs on my laptop, I then open my Filofax to the current week and am presented with a blank canvas of the day ahead.  I then open my iCal first, and enter all my appointments and day-specific tasks into my Filofax, using the very same colour code I have used in iCal.  After that, I open my Reminders app, and look through the lists for tasks I would like to get done that day, also using those same colours.  I then fill these out on the empty spaces of my day in my Filofax.

This step takes 5-10 minutes depending how decorative I’m feeling that morning.

I then have a completely fresh day ahead and everything I need to do is fresh in my mind.

My Filofax stays with me all day.  I use a section for work, so it’s at my side on my desk at all times and I often flip over to my agenda to remind me of what’s ahead, or flip to my capture section if I suddenly need to capture something.

So that’s pretty much it.  It might sound like a lot when reading it in a blog post, but it doesn’t take as long is it may seem, and gives me more time to actually get things done!


My Weeks 1-3

For my first proper blog post, I’d like to do a roundup of my first few weeks using my Filofax!

So without further ado, here’s Week #1



I actually bought my Filofax on a Thursday and immediately printed out some pages for the rest of the year as it only came with 2014 pages.  I got the layout from Philofaxy.  I immediately went in and backfilled my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to really get into the hang of organising my days this way (my previous setup will be covered in a future post.)

It was a pretty jam packed week as I was preparing for my 10 day holiday in Australia!

I used the same colour-code I have always used in my planning, the system I use is both digital and paper-based so the colours help me keep everything neat and together.

You can see I’m counting down the days until my holiday, it was my first time leaving the country so I was pretty excited as you can well imagine!

Week #2


I went with a hearts theme for this week since it was my birthday week. 

The first half of the week was filled with todos for my big trip and I used the second half of the week to fill out what I did on each day while I was away.

Early in the week I bought some cute scrapbook supplies that my friend was selling, so I had a bit of fun adding stickers and that love stamp!

While I was away I bought an some cute sticky notes adorable sticker book from Kikki K, so I had to include some of those in there too!

Week #3


I did the same thing during this week with filling out the activities I did each day while I was away. The only actual scheduling I did was the travel-back-to-New-Zealand-day where I did fill in the times I needed to be at the airport etc.

I went with a sunshine kind of theme since I was in Sunny Australia for most of the week!

I came home to an amazing announcement, my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby!  I am finally going to be an Aunty, and my two darlings are FINALLY going to have a real life cousin!


So those are my first 3 weeks! I’ve made some changes this week since I am using my Filo a lot more being back at work and back in the general routine of life!


Hello World!

Hello World!

Pretty excited upgrading from a journal to a Filofax for the first time. I lie actually, I’ve had planners before, but I have totally jumped on the Filofax bandwagon lately!