365 Journal 2014 – Day #4

Today’s prompt is…

Finish this sentence: If I could be anywhere in the world right now… Just imagine! The possibilities are endless. Draw a picture of that place or stick in a photo of it or an image that represents it…a beautiful, inspiring page that takes you to that place no matter where you are.


I chose the Gold Coast, because that was my most recent holiday and the memories I brought back from there make me feel all fuzzy inside.

If I was rich, I would just zip over there all the time on weekends to spend a day at the beach, or show the kids around the area we stayed in.  Dreams are free!


Remember, if you want to join in on the 365 Journal project you can at any time.  You don’t need to start on Day 1.  I’ll be posting the prompts on here each day as I do them, but you can also find them on Pinterest here if you don’t want to wait for me to post.

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365 Journal 2014 – Day #3

A late post tonight, I’ve been busy playing Nintendo and then went out for dinner so have just completed today’s Journal Prompt now.

Today’s prompt is

Write your name down the left-hand side of the page, like you would for an acrostic poem. Next to each letter write a positive attribute that describes you beginning with that letter. This is a page which you can always look back on to remind yourself of your unique talents and beautiful traits. It’s easy to forget the things that are special about ourselves especially when facing challenges. Don’t forget those unique attributes that make you, you.

So, for those of you that don’t know, my full name is Emily.  I came up with words for !, L and Y really quickly.  My partner came up with M because I was completely stumped, and for E, I went with my original word even though I was trying to find a shorter word so it would fit better.

It was actually harder than I thought it would be!



My partner’s word for the letter E was exquisite.  It made me laugh because he said it without hesitation and I thought it was so sweet!  But this exercise was how I see myself, and although I feel like I am a pretty self-confident person, I don’t see myself as exquisite.  I love that he does though!


Remember, if you want to join in on the 365 Journal project you can at any time.  You don’t need to start on Day 1.  I’ll be posting the prompts on here each day as I do them, but you can also find them on Pinterest here if you don’t want to wait for me to post.

You can see all the 365 Journal posts I have done so far right here, and don’t forget if you do join in, I want to see!  So leave me a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram@myorganizedmayhem.

365 Journal 2014 – Day #2

It’s gonna suck when I have to go back to work next week because I have been quite enjoying doing my 365 Journal in bed in the mornings!

Today’s prompt is:

Record your favourite inspirational quote. You can refer to this at any point during the year when you feel you need a little extra encouragement. Write the quote in your favourite colour and style and feel free to decorate however you like.

I came across this particular quote last night so I already knew that I wanted to include it on this page.  I don’t really have a favourite quote (apart from Live, Laugh, Love), so I wanted to do something that is inspirational to me right now.  And this is.


Remember, if you want to join in on the 365 Journal project you can at any time.  You don’t need to start on Day 1.  I’ll be posting the prompts on here each day as I do them, but you can also find them on Pinterest here if you don’t want to wait for me to post.

You can see all the 365 Journal posts I have done so far right here, and don’t forget if you do join in, I want to see!  So leave me a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram @myorganizedmayhem.


New Year, New Filofax

So, as I said yesterday, I bought a new Filofax!  It was totally a spur of the moment thing, I hadn’t planned to do it at all.  I loved my hot pink Apex don’t get me wrong!  What happened was, I popped into Warehouse Stationary because I was parked right in front of it and that’s just what I do when I subconsciously choose to park right in front of Warehouse Stationary.  I picked up a few supplies for my new Project Life album, and thought I’d take a quick scoot through the Filofax section.  Everytime I have been there they all they have had was the Apex in all sizes and colours and the Metropol personal in all colours – that’s it.  But on this particular day they had sitting on the shelf at eye level, one purple Saffiano.  ONE.  Of course I had to own it!



I love her so much (yes I just gave my planner a gender.) She is the most perfect shade of purple.

I had also yesterday, printed out some new inserts for 2014 that I had designed.  It was a total fluke that I also bought a new Filofax to put them in.  I do not lie.

So here are a few pics of how I have my Filofax setup.  Anytime you see any random sticky notes, this is just covering my sensitive info.  This is the first time I have showed my Filofax setup in so much depth, so I hope this gives you ideas of how you can setup your own planner.



The very first thing you see when you open my planner is my “Capture All” notepad.  I used to use a pad of sticky notes stuck to the inside cover for this, but since my Saffiano came with a Filofax notepad, I decided to use this instead.  I decorated the top of the page with a pretty sticker to brighten up my day and once I have filled this page, I am going to cut the sticker and keep it to use in my Project Life because I am a recycler and every embellishment counts.

Next to that is where I keep my pens.  I have been using the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners since I moved onto the Filofax system.  And I colour-code, so I need to have all my pens with me all the time.  These specific pens are skinny enough to not be too bulky in my planner, but I can only have them at the front, and they are in the clear pocket that came with my Filofax Apex.  I added an inspirational sticker to the front which has been there for a while now.  It says 

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.


Next I have a card holder that came out of an old planner of my Mum’s.  I have put three of my favourite Instax photos in there and I glance at these all the time.  It’s nice to keep my family in my handbag!  I’d like to put another 3 photos on the back side of this page, but it was quite a squeeze to get the photos in as it was, Instax photos are quite thick.



Now we have come to the first tabbed section and this is the info section.  I don’t really have all that much here apart from some pages with numerous sticky notes on them, and a bit of info about me (that I haven’t finished filling out yet). I also have Filofax registration page in this section.



The next section is my agenda section.  I no longer use the digital/paper system that I last blogged about.  Now I am paper-only so I am using both the month on two pages, and the week on two pages.  I have both of these in my agenda section and the current month and current week are marked with the Today rulers that came with each of my Filofaxes.  (I used to use a Post-it tab to mark the month before I got my second Filofax.)

Here you can see my new layouts that I made and printed.  I have a full 12 month dated calendar, and undated weekly pages. I decided it was easier not to date my pages.  I have made thousands of dated pages twice before and then after a few weeks of using them I made another new layout.

The best part of my new layout is having separate sections for appointments and tasks.  I got this idea from another Filofaxer who uses a stamp on each day for her task list.  The whole reason I changed to a vertical layout last year was because I found I had too much empty space to the right of each day.  Now I am using the right side as a separate list, it not only looks visually neater, but also keeps my tasks separate from my appointments.  I love it.


The next section is my Lists section and this section tends to change depending on what I have upcoming in my life.

First of all there are six cardboard pages with post-its stuck to each one.  The pages are all colour-coded to each aspect of my life the same colours that are in my calendar pages. 

After those pages, I just have normal lined paper.  Then I have Post-It tabs marking each list I have at the moment:

“Books” I have a 3×4 Book cover cutouts of the books I am wanting to read stuck in with bluetak.  They are 3×4 so that when I have finished the book I can pop the cutout into my Project Life folder.  

“House” is a list of things I want to buy for my home. 

“Tessie Wedding” is pages full of post-it notes with different things to do with my best friend’s upcoming wedding.   I am doing hair, makeup and a whole lot of other things, so I made this area to jot down notes and reminders as I need to.  When the wedding is over, I’m just going to bin all the Post-Its and use those pages for something else.

I like that I am reusing the pages in this section so I don’t have to constantly print new pages for one-time lists.



The next section is my “Office” section and this holds daily pages for me to use at my office job.  This is system I have been using almost as long as I have worked at my job (over 6 years) and I have incorporated it into my Filofax so that everything is in one place.  Basically I just use a task section and a memo section.  I list all the things I need to do as they crop up throughout the day.  If I am working on something, and have another task given to me, I take a quick second to add it to the list, and then carry on what I am doing. When people call in, I note things down in the memo section and turn them into tasks or jobs for someone else after I have hung up the phone.  This way I always know what day someone rang, or what the persons name was or whatever.  When I have finished a task or processed a memo, I highlight it in bright yellow.  This way I can still see the note underneath, but I know it’s taken care of.  If I leave any tasks for the next day, I draw a red arrow next to them and move the task onto the next day’s list. 

The only thing that’s changed, is I made up some new pages for this section to match the other new pages.

After this section is my Journal section, but I haven’t taken any photos since you can see them all in my 365 Journal posts


The last section is my “Fitness” section.  This is an area to track different aspects of my health and fitness plan.  I am currently using Fitbit to keep fit and walk a certain amount of steps per day.  I’ll possibly do another post on this system in the future.  These pages are also made to match the rest of my new pages and like all other sections in my Filofax, I have pulled out all the ones from last year so that I can start afresh.



At the very back of my Filofax, I have three plain, white envelopes that I have hole-punched and added a sticky note to the front.  I have labelled them Receipts, Bills, and Other.  When I put something in there (such as cash for the Kid’s school uniforms) I write it on the front so I can see what’s inside without opening them.  I only keep the receipts of big-ticket items and as most of my bills are paid by Automatic Payment, I only have my car Registration reminder and a bit of cash in the Bills envelope.

Wow this post has taken a long time to write, but it feels good revealing my Filofax setup for the very first time.  Congratulations to those of you that made it to the end.  If you did, write “I read your novel!” in the comments section.  Haha.

Again, Happy New Year to you all!  Thanks for reading my blog and being interested in my rambling.  

Much love


365 Journal 2014 – Day #1


Today’s Journal prompt was fun and I didn’t have any trouble filling the whole page!

Write down all your dreams and hopes for the year ahead. These can be as detailed or as simple as you like. For example; Own My Own Home, Become a Leader, or simply Keep a Journal! Nothing is too small or too big. Let yourself be inspired and put that pen to paper.

I have covered a couple of personal ones with some Rock Paper Scissors arrow tags but without further ado, here are my 2014 hopes and dreams…



I feel like writing this list has started my year on a really positive note and I couldn’t be happier right now!

If you want to see more 365 Journal posts, you will find them all right here. And if you want to join in, please leave your link in the comments or tag me on instagram @myorganizedmayhem.


365 Journal 2013 – Day #365

I bought a new Filofax today!

But I’ll talk about that later. After I moved all my pages from my old Filo to my new one, I went ahead and worked on today’s 365 Journal Prompt.

It was

In big, bold bright letters on your page write…THIS YEAR I WILL DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY

So here it is

I’m writing this post from my phone so I hope it turns out ok. We’re getting ready for our New Years Eve BBQ so I’m blogging on the go!

If you want to see the rest of my 365 Journal entries, you can find them all here.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


365 Journal 2013 – Day #364

Today’s prompt was so easy I had it done early this morning.  It was something I had been thinking about for the last few weeks.

“Write down three New Years Resolutions”

So, here they are!



If you want to read more posts and find out more about 365 Journal, you can find them all right here.

One more day left of 2013!


Project Life 2014 – Week 0

For Christmas, I got my very own Project Life kit and I am so excited!

In 2012, I did about 6 months worth of Project Life using my MacBook and an old scrapbook I had lying around.  I would basically make up some digital scrapbook pages and then print them to put into the scrapbook.  It was effective, and I love looking back on that album, but it was very time consuming and I found I was spending more time documenting memories than making them.

I was so happy to get a full Project Life kit (in Blush)for Christmas this year and I am so happy with how quickly you can document everything.   I have already done three whole layouts and it took me about 20 minutes.

I decided to start immediately rather than wait for 2014, so this is why I am calling this week, week zero.  I have taken some pictures of my cover page and my week 0 pages…

Here’s the cover page as a whole:



And in a little more detail, here’s the left side:


I chose some of my favourite latest Instax photos to use on my cover page since I have so many of them sitting in my wallet!

Now onto the right side:


And onto Week 0:


The only additional embellishments I have used are a few of my beloved K&Company tags, and a couple of Project Life overlays.  I may embellish a little more as time goes on, but for now I am loving the simplicity!

Here are the close ups of Week 0:


I’m so excited to start working on week 1!

Til next time,


365 Journal 2013 – Day #363

I actually forgot how busy Christmas time was.  I am not going to catch up on my missed weeks on blogging, I am however going to start afresh.

I have started two new projects in the last few days and am excited to share them with you!

The first is my 365 Journal.  I wasn’t using my Journal pages in my Filofax and was about to remove them when I came across the Kikki.K 365 Journal project.  It would be wonderful to use their special book (found on their website), but I am going to use my journal pages in my Filofax for now and see how it goes.

I could have started on New Years Day (since it’s only a couple of days away) but I wanted to jump right into it, and you can really start any day you want.  So I scrolled through and found the prompt for day #363.

“Looking back over this year, write down three achievements. Three things you feel proud of. Celebrate these.”

And here’s what I came up with…


I know it’s a bit of a worry starting a project that has to be done every single day, but we’ll see how I go with it, and as long as I am doing it, I will post my pictures on here.  Let me know if any of you are doing this too!


Instagrammed! November 2 – 8



1/My first attempt at #5onthe5th was such a fail, but this was my first photo.  A picture of my planning fail!  I am not sure why the actual instagram pic didn’t save on my iPhone so I just posted the original pic.

2/Car selfie after I just tried on a new lippy

3/The Christmas nail art I did for my lovely sister

4/Bought this flower headband in Australia, and it’s the first time I’ve worn it since I got back.  I love it so much!

5/Pretty excited for my friends housewarming on Friday night

6/So, I sent my Mr.Wright into the petrol station to buy me a drink and this is what he came out with!