20 Facts About Me!

1. I am 29 years old

2. I live in New Zealand

3. I have been married, separated and now in an amazing relationship

4. I have two beautiful children, a 10 year old boy and a 6 year old girl

5. I work for a telecommunications company as an Office Manager

6. I also run a small nail art business

7. I love technology and all the latest gadgets

8. I love anything beauty-related

9. I have two adorable pets: a chihuahua x papillon named Rocky, and a fluffy grey cat named Lola

10. I love to read dystopian and apocalyptic books

11. I was on the Twilight bandwagon

12. I play guitar and sing in an all girl band

13. I have about 4 different groups of friends and can never decide who my “best friend” is because I love them all.

14. I sometimes suffer from Anxiety

15. I love watching You Tube Beauty Gurus

16. I watch programmes that aren’t really targeted at my age group like Glee, The Carrie Diaries and Pretty Little Liars

17. I don’t ever want to properly grow up and am still very young at heart.

18. My favourite colour is pink.  Pink everything, and everything pink.

19. I live in the moment and change my mind easily

20. Mostly, I am a very happy person


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