My Weeks 2014 – Week 2

I have been so busy that none of my craft projects are up to date.  I’ve been too creating memories to record them, but I’ll get there.

One thing that is up-to-date and HAS to be, especially at the moment, is my Filofax.  So without further ado, here is Week 2.



This week was a lesson in pre-decorating pages. I hated looking at this week, because I had decorated it along with last week’s layout.  This meant I had been flipping to it for two weeks and was already sick of seeing it.  So I made sure not to decorate the following week until I was ready for that week!

The side to-do list is still working absolutely perfectly.  No wasted space on the page, and also it is easier to sort between the time-sensitive tasks as well as the others.  Love, love, love this layout!  There is only one thing I am going to tweak next time I need to print, and that is to remove the “week of” font at the very top of the page.  Because I have been covering it up with washi tape every single week anyway.

So, like I said I am behind in my craft projects.  I haven’t done my 365 Journal since Friday, and although I am up to date on my Project Life, I need to print last week’s photos and put them in before I post it up for you all to see.  

Hopefully by the next time you hear from me, I am all caught up with lots to share!


If you want to see the rest of the “My Week” posts, see them all right here.


4 thoughts on “My Weeks 2014 – Week 2

  1. Hi Em
    Thanks for sharing your pages
    I was wondering if your to do list is printed or stamped and if it’s stamped who/where is it from?

  2. What software did you use to design your inserts? Do you have a video we can see? Or do you have them available to print? Thanks for sharing, love your inserts!

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