5 on the 5th – January 2014

Monika over at iloveitall came up with this cool concept to take 5 pictures and instagram them on the 5th of every month.  To capture everyday life in it’s finest.  I tried to participate last month and failed.  Forgot to take photos throughout the day.  This month however, I was successful.  And here they are…


1/The first pic was snapped when I caught my Mr Wright writing himself a list with one of my pretty sticky notes.  I was so excited that he had caught a bit of the planning bug off me, and had to share this immediately!


2/The next pic was snapped while I was happily playing on my new game that Mr Wright bought for me.  I’ve been so spoilt over the past few days, a sparkling new gold 3DSXL and THREE games.


3/This one here is my 365 Journal entry for the day.


4/The fourth was snapped when my kids came home from their dads.  My son was immediately on the playstation and he had such a “boy” look about him, I had to get a photo of it.


5/Probably my favourite out of the 5 photos this month.  Rocky (my Chihuahua-Papillon) has a thing about sulking under the couch or under the bed when he gets told off.  I was hanging off the side of the couch with my camera ready waiting for him to look at me so I could snap a shot of him.  I didn’t even care that the flash messed with his eyes, it gives it a bit of a spooky element I think.

That’s all for this month, go check out Monika’s blog if you want to see her posts, her blog is one of my favourites!!  And if you want to watch as next month’s #5onthe5th unfolds, follow me on instagram @myorganizedmayhem.



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