365 Journal 2014 – Day #2

It’s gonna suck when I have to go back to work next week because I have been quite enjoying doing my 365 Journal in bed in the mornings!

Today’s prompt is:

Record your favourite inspirational quote. You can refer to this at any point during the year when you feel you need a little extra encouragement. Write the quote in your favourite colour and style and feel free to decorate however you like.

I came across this particular quote last night so I already knew that I wanted to include it on this page.  I don’t really have a favourite quote (apart from Live, Laugh, Love), so I wanted to do something that is inspirational to me right now.  And this is.


Remember, if you want to join in on the 365 Journal project you can at any time.  You don’t need to start on Day 1.  I’ll be posting the prompts on here each day as I do them, but you can also find them on Pinterest here if you don’t want to wait for me to post.

You can see all the 365 Journal posts I have done so far right here, and don’t forget if you do join in, I want to see!  So leave me a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram @myorganizedmayhem.



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