Project Life 2014 – Week 0

For Christmas, I got my very own Project Life kit and I am so excited!

In 2012, I did about 6 months worth of Project Life using my MacBook and an old scrapbook I had lying around.  I would basically make up some digital scrapbook pages and then print them to put into the scrapbook.  It was effective, and I love looking back on that album, but it was very time consuming and I found I was spending more time documenting memories than making them.

I was so happy to get a full Project Life kit (in Blush)for Christmas this year and I am so happy with how quickly you can document everything.   I have already done three whole layouts and it took me about 20 minutes.

I decided to start immediately rather than wait for 2014, so this is why I am calling this week, week zero.  I have taken some pictures of my cover page and my week 0 pages…

Here’s the cover page as a whole:



And in a little more detail, here’s the left side:


I chose some of my favourite latest Instax photos to use on my cover page since I have so many of them sitting in my wallet!

Now onto the right side:


And onto Week 0:


The only additional embellishments I have used are a few of my beloved K&Company tags, and a couple of Project Life overlays.  I may embellish a little more as time goes on, but for now I am loving the simplicity!

Here are the close ups of Week 0:


I’m so excited to start working on week 1!

Til next time,



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