My Week #6

Even though my days don’t seem quite as full this week, I actually had a very organised and busy week!



This week I found using my new system of planning out my afternoons an absolute lifesaver and I was so organised all week because of it!

I didn’t meet my goals for the week, but I didn’t actually mind because of all the other things I managed to get done.  My house has been kept tidy all week thanks to both my daily planning of household chores, and the kid’s reward chart meaning they were helping get things done every day.

I also saw The Hunger Games:Catching Fire this week which was super exciting and an amazing movie, as well as managing to make it to Mr.Wright’s soccer game for a change!  (That night ended with a power-cut and a rush to McDonalds to get dinner for the kids so they didn’t get to bed too late, but that’s a different story.)

Let’s talk about Friday.  Now, I know that I did not tick a single thing off my list that day but let me explain please!  I have a list of chores I do daily, and then the other chore for the day that’s listed in my Filo.  I got all my daily chores done (i.e.: dishes, wipe down benches, straighten up lounge etc etc etc), and then popped into town to do my dress shopping.  Mr Wright then called me to come to his work for a Friday beer, which I obliged, and during that time my friend Amy called to see if we wanted to go out for dinner.  It is a very rare occasion where we both don’t have our kids so we were definitely keen.  While out at dinner we ran into another one of my friends and we all ended up coming back to my place for some drinks and music.  It was a very random and fun night and I didn’t care that I had like 10 things in my filofax that I hadn’t done.

And in my defence, I spent the whole afternoon on Saturday catching up on Friday’s tasks!

I really did want to do a Friday “Instagrammed” post, I think I might just do one after I post this anyway.

This week is the last week using these inserts.  Next week I get to use the new inserts I created and I am so excited!!! 

It’s been a great week.  And thanks to my Filofax, my life is finally organised!




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