I’m Obsessed: Michel Mercier Professionnel Detangling Brush

When I sat down to write this post, I tried to google up some images to use since my brush is covered in hair, and that’s when I found…I bought the kids version of this brush.  And there are not many pictures of my actual brush so you’ll have to deal with seeing my hair.

Oh Well.

So, I originally wanted a Tangle Teaser, which is the new generation of detangling brushes.  I had read and seen a lot of reviews on this brush and really wanted to get my hands on it.  However, I stumbled upon another brand, the Michel Mercier one.  I’d heard of this one too, so decided to grab it and give it a try!

I mainly wanted something I could use on wet hair, since I used to drag my normal brush through my wet hair and pull half of my hair out in the process.  I know it’s not good to brush your hair when it’s wet, but I can’t not.

The big secret to the Michel Mercier brushes are the fact that the bristles are all different lengths.


No words can explain how this works better than those of the man himself on his website:

“428 bristles positioned at different heights with a unique geometric distribution, the brush helps to disperse the pressure placed on the hair during brushing, resulting in easier detangling, reduced hair loss and breakage, and a far more pleasant brushing experience overall”

I have tried this brush out on a few different hair types, just to see how well it works.

First of all, I tried it on my daughter.  She has thin hair that easily tangles.  She doesn’t normally wear her hair down because over the course of the day it would all tangle together and we would have a nightmare brushing it at the end of the day.  Generally with her, we would wet her hair and brush it wet because it was easier to get the tangles out.  Hair brushing at anytime involved a lot of tears.

Not with this brush, she happily lets me brush her hair, wet or dry.  And her hair is looking much healthier for it!  She is now wearing her hair down all day and we have no trouble getting the tangles out, even after an afternoon in the wind!

The second person that tried it was my friend’s daughter.  She is almost 11 and told me honestly that she only brushes her hair once a week.  Her mum gave up trying to make her do it as it always ended in a fight.  She has very thick curly hair and the only way she can manage it is to wet it, run her fingers through it and tie it up in a plait.

She very nervously let me brush her hair out.  She sat there, shoulders hunched, bracing herself for the pain.  Straight away, as soon as I began brushing, she relaxed.  Before she knew it I was finished and she said “Mum! I need one of these brushes!”

As for me using it, I am noticing that not only is it easier to brush my hair, but I am not losing nearly as much hair in the process!  I could probably count the strands that come out each time, and it’s not many.  It’s also been great at distributing product through my hair.  I like to use conditioning products in my hair after I wash it as my hair is very dry.  I’ve just been putting the products on my mid-section to ends, and then brushing it through.  I tell you, I can actually notice the difference!

Here’s a few more pictures…




I’ve come a long way with my hair in the past few months.  I used to wish for “normal” hair.  I couldn’t style it the way I wanted, I couldn’t care for it the way I wanted.  But this brush, paired with my lotions and potions, and finished off with my amazing new curler, I now can style my hair the way I want to, instead of the way I HAVE to.  That makes for one happy Em!



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