I’m Obsessed – Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

I have wanted one of these babies for so long, and I finally picked one up when I was in Australia on my birthday!  I have been having so much fun taking my little instant photos (mainly of the kids) as we go about our daily lives.



The Instax Mini is a modern-day take on the old Polaroid cameras.  They are insanely simple to use, you just open the lenses to turn it on, wait for it to sense the lighting of your surroundings, move the lenses to the setting the camera recommends and then point, and shoot!  Straight away the little photo comes out of the top and 1-2 minutes later it’s all developed ready to go!


Of course I have the pink one, since it’s my all time favourite colour, but they also come in blue, yellow, black and white. The photos are credit-card sized and are pretty damn good quality to be honest!  The best photos are the ones taken in low lighting, but the outside photos aren’t bad either.

There is a real vintage feel to the photos which I love.  I wanted an old Diana camera for a long time, but I am glad I have this instead because I have my photos straight away.  And I love them all!

The other thing thats really fun about using these cameras, is you only have one chance to get the perfect shot.  I think there is a real art in film photography that is often forgotten about these days.  Now we can click away and choose the best shot out of our arsenal of different photos.  With film, you don’t have that luxury so you really concentrate on everything about the picture you are seeing through the lenses before you press that shutter!

Film for these cameras isn’t that cheap in New Zealand.  A pack of 20 shots costs $29.95. But I am lucky enough to have family that gets discount at one of the stores that sells the film, so I can get them a bit cheaper.

I am not sure what I’m going to do with all the photos I have taken so far, for now they are stashed in my wallet so I can pull them out and show people how cool my little camera is.  I’m just having fun with it for now!





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