I’m Obsessed: VS Sassoon Curl Secret

While I was away on my holiday in Australia last month, I got the chance to try out a Curl Secret.  I had seen these and another brand of the same thing around and it looked so clever!

So I tried it and was super surprised and excited about the result!  So when I came back to NZ, I went ahead and bought my own.


These curlers are like nothing I have ever seen before.  The way they work, is you take a section of hair, clamp it where you want the curl to start and then it automatically rolls your hair into it’s barrel. It beeps five times, and then you hear a series of quick beeps which means it’s time to unclamp, and out comes a perfect curl.  Every time.  I’m serious.

My hair is long (down to my belly button when it’s straight), and I LOVE to curl it.  Problem is, I used to use my GHD Straightener for curling, and although it works a treat, the curls generally fall within the first hour.  I have taken a series of photos to show you how well my curls stayed in throughout the day when I used my new Curl Secret…


Here I am at 11.15 at my office.  My curls had been in for 3 hours at this point and still looked exactly the same as when I first did them.


This one was taken at 12.42 after I got back from lunch.  I did a few errands on my lunch break AND it was windy.  Curls still perfect!


The last photo I took was at 4.38 when I jumped in my car to pick up my lovely partner from work.  The curls had ever so slightly dropped at this point, but were still perfect!

I honestly can’t believe how well this curler actually does what it says it’s going to do.  Believe the hype everyone!  It’s fast (curling my whole head took 10 minutes, I timed it.), easy (my 6 year old can do it) and effective.

I’m obsessed!



4 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed: VS Sassoon Curl Secret

    • Yep, that’s the other brand I was talking about. I was considering getting the Babyliss version, but since I had tried the VS, I decided to get that one since I knew it worked amazingly!

      Love your stuff
      (and your name)
      xxx Em

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