My Week #4


Busy week back into the swing of things after my holiday!

Half way through the week I switched to the vertical week-on-two-pages layout that I designed myself, and I love this so much better than the horizontal view I was using previously.  I find when I plan out my days I like to list from top to bottom, and when I’m doing this on my horizontal view, I end up with a big gap to the right of the box.

This week I also designed my own tags.  I got the idea from Organized Operagirl who makes custom tags for her repeating events.  I made some for my favourite shows using their logos, some blank labels for my children’s events, some birthday ones, some for Twilight Soccer (which my partner plays) and some for coffee dates.  I’ve just cut them out and blu-tacked them to their corresponding days (I will glue them in at the end of the week, just incase I need to move them at all).

I decided to draw black lines through my cancelled events instead of writing CANCELLED or RESCHEDULED over top of them like I was doing earlier in the week.  I also wrote myself a note to “find a better way to cancel appointments” on Tuesday, but I’ll be honest, that was to cover up a mistake I made…hehe.

There were a lot of incomplete tasks during the first half of the week, but by the end of the week I was ticking almost everything off of my days!

All in all, it was a pretty successful week.  I’ve just been around to my mums and my whole family were there.  I was impressed to find out that they have all jumped on the Filofax bandwagon and we had a fun afternoon swapping supplies.  I got some star shaped Post-Its to use in my capture area, so was pretty excited about that.  We even found an old planner for my daughter to use – she’s rapt!


And after I took that photo, they went out and bought one more Filofax for my sister-in-law too, so now we have 5 in our family!  It was pretty funny how quickly we have all become Filofax-obsessed!



4 thoughts on “My Week #4

  1. Hi Em,

    I’ve loved reading about your process. I had a calendar for a full year with the vertical appointment layout and liked it, but felt that I needed more room…I prefer to have the whole explanation on one line.

    Your weeks look lovely and colorful and fun, and full! How cool that the whole family are planner addicts! Our girls are getting pocket FF for Christmas and I can’t wait to gift them!

    I have a new series beginning on the first of each month, the first one in December, dedicated to FF and planner info and goodies. I hope you’ll have the chance to drop in!

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