My Weeks 1-3

For my first proper blog post, I’d like to do a roundup of my first few weeks using my Filofax!

So without further ado, here’s Week #1



I actually bought my Filofax on a Thursday and immediately printed out some pages for the rest of the year as it only came with 2014 pages.  I got the layout from Philofaxy.  I immediately went in and backfilled my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to really get into the hang of organising my days this way (my previous setup will be covered in a future post.)

It was a pretty jam packed week as I was preparing for my 10 day holiday in Australia!

I used the same colour-code I have always used in my planning, the system I use is both digital and paper-based so the colours help me keep everything neat and together.

You can see I’m counting down the days until my holiday, it was my first time leaving the country so I was pretty excited as you can well imagine!

Week #2


I went with a hearts theme for this week since it was my birthday week. 

The first half of the week was filled with todos for my big trip and I used the second half of the week to fill out what I did on each day while I was away.

Early in the week I bought some cute scrapbook supplies that my friend was selling, so I had a bit of fun adding stickers and that love stamp!

While I was away I bought an some cute sticky notes adorable sticker book from Kikki K, so I had to include some of those in there too!

Week #3


I did the same thing during this week with filling out the activities I did each day while I was away. The only actual scheduling I did was the travel-back-to-New-Zealand-day where I did fill in the times I needed to be at the airport etc.

I went with a sunshine kind of theme since I was in Sunny Australia for most of the week!

I came home to an amazing announcement, my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby!  I am finally going to be an Aunty, and my two darlings are FINALLY going to have a real life cousin!


So those are my first 3 weeks! I’ve made some changes this week since I am using my Filo a lot more being back at work and back in the general routine of life!



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